3-in-1 Ice Wrap by ColdOne

3-in-1 Ice Wrap by ColdOne: ColdOne has designed a multipurpose product that is about as efficient as they come. The 3-in-1 product can be used on the elbow, wrist, and even the foot for plantar fasciitis, each with a comfortable form fitting feel. Endorsed by the US Tennis Association for tennis elbow, the product is an excellent choice for recovery.
Freeze Time: 2 hours
Therapy Time: Up to 2 hours
Type of Insert: Segmented Ice Sheet Insert
Removable Insert: No, ColdOne ice wraps are designed with strategically placed ice inserts built into their products to provide effective relief for the areas that need it most.
Extra Insert(s) Available: N/A
Microwaveable Insert: No 
Durability/Longevity: These products are built to last. Made from durable material and ice sheets which are built-in behind a protective layer in the wrap, you won’t see the wear and tear on this ice wrap that you would with any other wrap. This ice wrap is a great product that will last.
Price: $$$
ColdOne has priced this one right. For the price of one ice wrap you get three high quality products that are designed for three different areas. Elsewhere, three specialty products of this caliber might cost over $100, the ColdOne 3-in-1 is definitely a bargain.
Overall Opinion:
We can safely give this ColdOne product an award for best value. Most universal ice wrap products aren’t designed for any particular area of injury; they just simply cover those areas. This product is specifically designed to fit three different key areas and you get custom fitted relief for all three.

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