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      At Cool Relief we have studied hundreds of different ice wraps and other personal cooling solutions. With our experience in the ice wrap industry we have designed two lines of high quality products to fit your needs, whatever they may be. 
     Our segmented ice insert line of wraps rivals the highest quality on the market, featuring micromesh and soft foam ice wrap sleeves, removable ice inserts, and adjustable elastic bands to apply compression.
     The soft gel insert line is our unique and revolutionary cold wrap system used by thousands of patients nationwide. Similar to our segmented ice insert line of products, these feature micromesh and soft foam ice wrap sleeves, removable inserts, and elastic bands to apply compression. The difference is in the gel. Cool Relief’s soft gel inserts contain individually wrapped ice inserts suspended in the gel pack which keep the inserts cold for an extended period of time while allowing the complete flexibility and comfort of gel.

      Designed specifically with athletes in mind, the Pro Ice line of products is the premier source for athletic injury recovery. This brand has one of the largest selections of cold wrap products in the ice wrap industry and at CoolRelief.net. With so many Pro Ice products to choose from almost anyone can find the relief they need with a Pro Ice cold wrap.
     Their products feature custom fitted removable segmented ice insert sheets housed inside of a micro net and foam sleeve. The design of their products allows for continuous icing and therapy with purchase of an additional ice insert, definitely a good bonus for the sidelines.

      This company manufactures innovative hot and cold products geared towards both injury recovery and personal comfort. All of their products are built with high quality materials including neoprene, terrycloth, Velcro™, and more. All of their products include their name brand IcyCools™ segmented ice inserts which come in both freezable and heated versions.
     Their universal ice wrap products have a unique “roll-n-go ice anywhere” feature allowing them to stay cold up to 6 hours, which is perfect for trips to the gym or athletic events. Coming soon to CoolRelief.net is their large selection of party supplies, including hot/cold party trivets, wine bottle chillers, and much more.

      Geared towards leisure and personal comfort, FlexiFreeze is a great source for many ice pack accessories. Some of their best selling products are their coolers and water bottle chillers. Made with their high quality self-branded segmented ice inserts, these products are sure to keep your food and beverages cold for hours.
     One of Flexifreeze’s most innovative products is their unique and affordable ice vest. Many cold pack vests sell for hundreds of dollars bringing much hassle and discomfort. FlexiFreeze found a solution. Out of many products sold at CoolRelief.net FlexiFreeze products are some of the best.

      Many ice wraps on the market can be expensive, even at Cool Relief! Trainers Pick brings two cold wrap products to market that are changing the ice wrap industry. They have designed and built a universal ice wrap in a small and larger version that can be used for virtually any injury, and for an amazingly low price.
     Recommended by many, these wraps are the affordable way to treat any injury. Whether it’s from around the house, at work, or in the game, this product has your injury covered. Similar to many of the higher quality cold wraps available, Trainers Pick wraps offer soft gel cold pack inserts surrounded by a foam and micromesh net sleeve. Also included in their products are adjustable universal straps which can be utilized to make the product into which ever type of ice wrap you need.

      This brand offers one of the higher quality ice wrap selections on the market. Their products are not only great looking, they deliver. All ColdOne products come with built-in segmented ice inserts to deliver cold therapy specifically into the right areas without the water mess.
     User reviews and testimonials show that ColdOne products offer excellent coverage with form fitting comfort. All products are made with neoprene and soft foam materials offering long term durability so they are built to last.

     Designed for patients and athletes alike, Total Ice Therapy products are unique and very effective. Derived from the simple concept of ice in a bag, these cold wraps are easy to use and arguably the most efficient products in the cold wrap market. No need to freeze, just grab some ice anywhere you go and fill the ice pouch!
     The “Total Ice” design features a screw capped ice bag surrounded by a neoprene wrap with adjustable compression straps, making them durable and long lasting. Without having to carry a filled ice pouch, this product is without a doubt the most light-weight wrap on the market, which makes it perfect to throw in a gym bag or trainers kit.