What We Review

Want to know a little about our testing process? Learn about some of our test factors and why they are important:
Cold Pack in Freezer

-Freeze time: We time how long it takes to freeze the segemented ice insert or gel pack insert to the optimal therapy temperature. We start with the product at room temperature (approximately 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit) and find out how long it takes to reach the temperature which maximizes the product therapy time.
Some products take less than an hour to freeze, some are recommended to chill up to 8 hours. 

-Therapy Time: We measure the amount of time the product lasts before having to return to the freezer for re-cooling. This is the time is takes to reach approximately room temperature. We leave the cold pack inserts wrapped in the products outer sleeve the entire time. The actual time frame can vary due to the nature of the climate where the product is used.  Some ice wraps last only 20 to 30 minutes, some can make it hours. Products noted “unlimited” in this category have interchangeable inserts therefore can be replaced as many times as needed. This factor may be important for an injury affecting mobility, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to get up and grab an ice pack every 15-20 minutes?
-Type of Insert: We let you know if the product has a removable insert, what type of insert it is and whether or not it is microwaveable. The method of cooling in an ice wrap can range from soft gel or “jelly” inserts to bags filled with ice water to evaporating soaking methods. If you have a tender, “painful to the touch” injury, soft gel may be the way to go. However deeper sore muscle and tendon type injuries may benefit from segmented ice for deeper therapy. It’s important to note insert type when making a purchase.

-Removable Insert:  Some ice wrap products have removable inserts for easy exchange and an option for unlimited therapeutic cooling time. You might not keep an ice wrap on an injury for the entire time; however it makes life easier when you don’t have to wait for a couple of hours to let the entire wrap chill before a secondary application.

-Extra Insert(s) Available: Some products have removable inserts simply allowing the product sleeve to be machine washed. Extra inserts may not be available. We will let you know if and where replacement inserts are available.

-Microwaveable Insert: Certain products allow not only freezing the inserts for ice therapy, but also heating the insert for heat therapy. As much as we like to help out with ice therapy, talk to any physical therapist and they will probably tell you, heat therapy is just as important! Some of these products can actually double as heat wraps. Find out which ones.
-Durability/ Longevity: You probably want the ice wrap you purchase to last a long time. Durability is a key factor in the life of a product. We put each product through strenuous tests to see how we think the product holds up for the long haul. We take note of stitching, quality, types of materials and we also test many to their breaking points to note wear and stamina. It’s important to know if a product will hold up to what you have in store. Looking at the durability of the product and its materials we figure out how many sessions the item will likely last.

-Price: "$" to "$$$$$" We discuss the products price point and rate it from one to five dollar signs, five being more expensive. Money is sometimes a big factor (if not the biggest) in determining which ice wrap you are looking into; we will let you know in comparison to others, how expensive it is. 

-Overall Opinion: We discuss our overall opinions of the product and what types of injuries or individuals might benefit the most. As industry experts, we will let you if you’re getting a good product for the price, or a good “bang for your buck”. We will look at the product overall and determine the authority it may have over others in it's category.