About the Ice Wrap Review Blog at CoolRelief.net

For years, we have tested the quality and durability of ice wrap products for placement on our web store CoolRelief.net and several other outlets; establishing a catalog of excellent, efficient, and affordable products. We only want to offer the best to our customers, so it’s important for us to find out which products make the cut. Now, rather than keeping this information all to ourselves, we want to offer our findings to everyone, to help determine which product may be best for any situation. We test products vigorously to determine which ones live up to our standards. As industry experts, we look at factors like freeze time, length of therapy, insert types, and much more.  Don’t know if a product will hold up to what you have in store? Whether you’re an injured athlete or you’ve been hurt on the job, we can help you find the right product for your recovery.

Want to get your ice wrap on the review blog so people can see just how great it is? Email us at customerservice@coolrelief.net with your information!

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