Small Universal Ice Wrap by Trainers Pick

Small Universal Ice Wrap by Trainers Pick: The smaller of the Trainers Pick ultimate universal wraps, this product is more lightweight than the larger Trainers Pick version. The small trainers pick wrap is great to keep in a gym bag and take to use after a workout.
Freeze Time: 2 hours
Therapy Time: Up to 2 hours
Type of Insert: Soft/Gel
Trainers Pick inserts mimic those of best soft gel products on the market. However, unlike other products these wraps get rid of all the high priced extras and get down to business for less.
Removable Insert: Yes
Extra Insert(s) Available: No
Microwaveable Insert: Yes, refer to instructions affixed to the product.
These products are made with a soft foam outer shell covering to keep the gel inserts colder longer. They also have a micro net material to safely direct the therapy towards the injured area. All Trainers Pick products come with detached elastic adjustment straps so you can use this product almost anywhere you get injured.
Price: $
This is by far the best purchase for universal or multipurpose ice wraps. At the bottom of the price range this item offers benefits that rival the highest priced universal ice wrap products.
Overall Opinion:
Trainers Pick universal ice wraps are definitely some of the most valuable products for their price. This smaller version is excellent in combination with the larger unit. If you work out and frequently need an ice wrap to throw in your gym bag and some ice recovery when you get home, pick up a pair of Trainers Pick ice wraps.

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