Soft Gel Universal Ice Wrap by Cool Relief

Soft Gel Universal Ice Wrap by Cool Relief: Cool Relief’s soft gel universal ice wrap is one of the most valuable products available at Cool Relief. One of the less expensive products they offer, this item is great to keep in the freezer for household bumps and bruises.
Freeze Time: 2 hours
Therapy Time: Up to 2 hours
Type of Insert: Soft/Gel
Like other Cool Relief products, this universal ice wrap features the revolutionary soft gel insert pioneered by Cool Relief’s product design team. Individually wrapped “ice pillows” suspended throughout the gel can be relocated and targeted towards the source of the pain while keeping the gel colder longer.
Removable Insert: Yes
Extra Insert(s) Available: Yes, exclusively at
Microwaveable Insert: Yes, refer to instructions affixed to the product.
This product is offers a micromesh and foam sleeve with 3” wide detached elastic adjustment strap. Like all Cool Relief products it features interior focused icing technology. The micromesh material on the inside (or body side) is designed to safely direct cold towards the injury while the soft foam on the outer covering redirects the cold back into the wrap and towards the injury thorough the micromesh material. The elastic strap provides compression when wrapped around the area (like an arm or leg) and affixed to the foam material. Built to last, the only wear and tear this item received in testing was a minor amount on the foam sleeve with the placement and removal of the Velcro attached to the elastic straps.
Price: $$
For universal ice wraps this product has great value for its price. No other universal ice wrap offers the same technology as Cool Relief for the price.
Overall Opinion:
For universal ice wraps, this product is the only one with Cool Relief’s removable soft gel insert. The insert is what makes this universal ice wrap so valuable compared to the rest. It’s light weight and offers the ice pillow inserts which can be directed towards the source of the pain, not to mention the availability of a secondary insert for continuous relief.

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