Wrist Ice Wrap by Cool Relief

Wrist Ice Wrap by Cool Relief: This is definitely the one of the nicer wrist ice wraps on the market. Cool Relief has put together a product for the wrist with more coverage, more stability, and a better recovery than the rest. Designed for athletes and non-athletes alike, this product will help with anything from mild to severe wrist injuries.
Freeze Time: 2 hours
Therapy Time: Up to 2 hours
Type of Insert: Segmented Ice Sheet Insert
This wrist ice wrap features custom fitted double layer sheets of segmented ice pack inserts. The individual cubes connected into a sheet offer more comfortable support to the affected area than would a solid chunk of ice.
Removable Insert: Yes
Extra Insert(s) Available: Yes, exclusively at CoolRelief.net.
Microwaveable Insert: Not Microwaveable.
This wrist ice wrap is offers a micromesh and foam sleeve with two attached 3” wide elastic adjustment straps for compression. Like all Cool Relief products it features interior focused icing technology. The micromesh material on the inside (or body side) is designed to safely direct cold towards the injury while the soft foam on the outer covering redirects the cold back into the wrap and towards the wrist and hand thorough the micromesh material. The elastic straps provide compression when wrapped around the wrist area and affixed to the foam material. Built to last, the only wear and tear this item received in testing was a minor amount on the foam sleeve with the placement and removal of the Velcro attached to the elastic straps, nothing to worry about. 
Price: $$$$
Towards the upper end of the price range in wrist ice wraps, this product definitely doesn’t fall short on benefits. This is a product that will outlast the rest and is definitely worth every dollar.
Overall Opinion:
This product offered an improved recovery. Focusing on a larger area of the wrist than similar products, the wrist ice wrap by Cool Relief keeps the entire wrist comfortably compressed and iced. This is a great buy for athletes with frequent wrist problems.

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