Back Ice Wrap by ColdOne

Back Ice Wrap by ColdOne:This is one of the more popular products available in the ice wrap market due to the amount of sprains and strains on the upper and lower back throughout the year. The back ice wrap by ColdOne has the benefit of lumbar support without the bulk.
Freeze Time: 2 hours
Therapy Time: Up to 2 hours
Type of Insert: Segmented Ice Sheet Insert
Removable Insert: No, ColdOne ice wraps are designed with strategically placed ice inserts built into their products to provide effective relief for the areas that need it most.
Extra Insert(s) Available: N/A
Microwaveable Insert: No
Durability/Longevity: Like other ColdOne products, the back ice wrap is built with durable materials that are made to last. This product will outlive many on the market because of its built-in ice inserts behind a protective layer in the wrap.
Price: $$$$
This is definitely one of the better ice wraps products for the back. Like other ColdOne products it has a higher price point than most in its category, but that’s for a good reason. With ColdOne, you get what you pay for. They use materials that will last and take the care in assembly which assures a longer lasting product.
Overall Opinion:
This product is worth the money. We know that ColdOne products are priced a bit higher than competitors, but the reason is in the durability and the built-in ice they use. This back ice wrap has some real value. It’s going to last many sessions, and reduce pain and inflammation in the upper and lower back to help you get back to the things you love.

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