Double Shoulder Ice Wrap by ColdOne

Double Shoulder Ice Wrap by ColdOne: This is a very unique product. Only available from ColdOne, it was designed for health professionals to rapidly reduce core body in temperature in athletes, coaches, trainers, and outdoor workers, suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion. You won’t find a product with more coverage or better efficiency on the market.
Freeze Time: 2 hours
Therapy Time: Up to 2 hours
Type of Insert: Segmented Ice Sheet Insert
Removable Insert: No, ColdOne ice wraps are designed with strategically placed ice inserts built into their products to provide effective relief for the areas that need it most.
Extra Insert(s) Available: N/A
Microwaveable Insert: No
Durability/Longevity: Like other ColdOne products, this shoulder ice wrap is built with durable materials that are made to last. This product will outlive many on the market because of its built-in ice inserts behind a protective layer in the wrap.
Price: $$$$$
More expensive than other shoulder wraps, the double shoulder unit by ColdOne is built with materials that are made to last. This product also has a significantly larger coverage area built with more ice and a better efficiency in reducing core body temperature. The product is definitely worth its price if it can save someone from hospitalization or even save their life.
Overall Opinion:
For a product as useful and as unique as this one there’s no question about its value, which is why it’s offered at Yes it’s a bit pricy, but when it comes to saving someone from hospitalization in the heat of summer, it’s a small price to pay.

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