Knee Ice Wrap by A to P Total Knee Wraps

Knee Ice Wrap by A to P Total Knee Wraps: A to P Total knee Wrap’s knee ice pack product is one of the more impressive knee cold pack products available. They focus primarily on rehabilitation of the knee region; therefore have nailed down the design for an efficient recovery.
Freeze Time: 2 hours
Therapy Time:  Unlimited (up to 2 hours per insert)
Type of Insert:  Segmented Ice
Like other quality products on the market, the A to P total Knee Wrap uses a multi-pouch system with removable segmented ice inserts for easy access. The product conforms to the knee while offering efficient and deep targeted therapy for knee injuries.
Removable Insert: Yes
Extra Insert(s) Available: N/A
Microwaveable Insert:  N/A
This product is made with high quality materials that are built to last. During testing, it held up quite nicely over a long period of time justifying its placement in the higher end category of knee ice wraps.  The segmented ice inserts are excellent quality and keep intact fairly well. A problem with several types of similar inserts is broken or busted water pouches, the A to P Total Knee Wrap uses inserts that stay unbroken fairy well over time. 
Price: $$$$
Overall Opinion:
For knee ice wraps, this product is a great purchase.  At the upper end of the price range, this product is built for individuals with either chronic knee pain or people who are looking at a long term recovery. Made with high quality neoprene and Velcro materials; it will hold up for many icing sessions, looks great, and delivers fast and efficient pain relief for an improved recovery.

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